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Last Update: 11/16/2008

: JLayer 1.0.1 

Download JLayer 1.0.1 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip (532 KB) or tar.gz (362 KB)
  • Subband allocation bug fix for LayerI.
    (Thanks to Chris J.)

: JLayer 1.0
Download JLayer 1.0 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip (529 KB) or tar.gz (361 KB)
  • VBRI frame header (Fraunhofer VBR) support added in Header.java.
  • Frames control support improved. It fixes the following bugs :
    - ArrayIndexOutOfBound Exception in t_43[] array.
    - ArrayIndexOutOfBound Exception in huffman_decode() method.
  • Licensing moved from GPL to LGPL : It means that you can use JLayer in your own
    application without being restricted by GPL license issues. It's more business friendly.
  • JavaLayer renamed into JLayer to be compliant to SUN trademark rules.
  • Tested under JRE 1.5.0. CPU usage < 1%, RAM usage < 12MB under P4/2Ghz.

01/05/2004: JLayer 0.4

Download JLayer 0.4 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip (494 KB) or tar.gz (347 KB)
  • XING VBR header frame support improved in Header.java :
    - public boolean vbr() added.
    - public int vbr_scale() added.
    - public byte[] vbr_toc() added.
    total_ms(), ms_per_frame(), min_number_of_frames(int), max_number_of_frames(int),
    bitrate_string(), bitrate() methods check for VBR status.
  • ID3v2 frames support improved :
    - public InputStream getRawID3v2() added in Bitstream.java
  • Misc :
    Bug fixed in the decoder for some +320kbps stream.
    Bug fixed : SYNC conflict with some ID3v2 frames.
    - public int bitrate() added.
    - public int bitrate_instant() added.
  • jUnit tests added (see srctest/ folder).

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