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Last Update: 11/16/2008

- API Documentation -

JLayer API V1.0.1
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JLayer API V0.4
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- Links -

JLayer-based projects

jlGui - MP3 player, WinAmp clone.
MP3SPI - MP3 plugin for J2SE.
JLayer C# - C# port of JLayer.
Plaberbu - Karaoke MP3 player.
jAmp - Another WinAmp clone.
Human iPod - Halloween funny contest.
KJ Player - Cross-fading MP3 player
PartyJukeBox - JukeBox player
JavaTunes - Another JukeBox player.
MediaChest - Media organizer.
LightDev - Spectrum Analyzer.


Hydrogenaudio - The best audio forums.
Mpeg.org - MPEG ressources.
JavaSound - JavaSound API.
JMF - Java Media Framework API.
JavaSound examples - JavaSound, Linux.
Tritonus - JavaSound implementation on Linux.

ONJava article
- Extend JavaSound to add MP3 ...
JavaWorld article - Add MP3 capabilities to J2SE ...

Others players

XAudio - Multiplatform MPEG audio player.
WinAmp - Best Win32 player.
XMMS - Linux player.
iTunes - Apple player.
JahSing - Another WinAmp clone (JMF-based).


Ogg Vorbis - Free audio format (MP3 alternative).
Dogma links - MP3 ressources links.
Audio Compression - All keys you need.
MP3 Licensing - All about MP3 patents.
LAME project - Best and free MP3 encoder.
MP3Tech - MP3 ressouces.

- JLayer, MP3SPI and jlGui (from JavaZOOM) -

Plugins are separate components based on JLayer API.

The core of JLayer is an Mpeg Audio decoder. jlApps are light weight components that use the decoder to provide simple services.

Converter jlApp is a small tool to convert MP3 to WAV format. It does not provide WAV to MP3.
Player jlApp is a simple MP3 player. Mpeg Audio SPI plugin is an implementation of a Service Provider Interface (JavaSound 1.0). It makes Mpeg Audio format "transparent" for developers. Playing MP3 is as easy as playing WAV.

jlGui is an independant music player application based on JLayer for MP3 decoding.
It implements basics player features :

  • Connection to audiosystem.
  • Start, stop, play, seek, pause, resume (threaded).
  • Gain and pan controls.
  • Events from audio stream (time elapsed, ...).
  • Audio format information (Tags, Comments, ...)
  • Playlist.
  • Equalizer.

And it provides a graphical user interface which is the front-end of the player. We plan to make it winamp skins compatible.
jlGui is based on JavaSound 1.0 API so it supports WAV, AIFF and AU audio formats. MP3 support is provided by the Mpeg Audio SPI Jlayer's plugin. It also supports Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Monkey's Audio and Flac.

basics player features <=> low level










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